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A story of FINE ART

White Flower Painting in Acrylic

 Jenni Beal

Fine Art Exhibition With FriendsION

Jenni B Studios


Enthusiastic, Friendly with a sense of humour with an unbridle passion to create and pass on her knowledge is perhaps the first impression that this talented Artist will be perceived. Painting in Acrylic paints, Soft Pastel and on occasion Watercolour allows the viewer a new dimension into the love and soul she puts into every piece of work. “Often, I allow my subjects to choose the medium that will best represent them, connecting with them as they are being created. I was fortunate to have a child hood that allowed me to connect with nature and the animals I grew up with, which I can now communicate through my work".

Jennifer Beal Started her career first in sculpture before exploring oil painting after a surprise birthday gift from her mother which came in the form of painting lessons with Margorie Prophet. The knowledge gained from having Professional lessons have always stayed with me. After my time with Margorie I continued to develop and attend workshops before I started to successfully exhibit and sell my work. A natural progression was to share my passion and start teaching and I loved it. 


In those early days I would draw whenever possible often at work or whenever I found a few moments of quite time. I began to take a lot of reference photos discovering a new way to look at the world. In 2018 I purchased an iPad, which enabled me to explore another medium digital art. I rekindled my love for Pastel and pet portraits, exploring different papers, techniques when in 2020 a call from her mother-in-law requesting a painting of a portrait for a heart broken friend who had lost her dog. Reigniting her passion for Pastel." Knowing I made a difference touched my heart", she said. Her work was gaining attention and I had a few commissions. Perhaps the big learning curve is social media. I love the connection that I can find there. My Pastel pet portraits have became more popular, as did my Acrylic Floral's and I found a new direction for my art.

2021- Has been a year of challenges for everyone, returning to create every day is the fulfilment of a lifelong desire. As I paint, I am fortunate to have Bella, (my Maltese Shih tzu pup) assist me.



Magenta Shores -2020

Highly Commended 2006- Sydney- Sold Out

Rotary Mudgee Art Exhibition-2005- Sold Out

Sydney Royal Agriculture Show-2003- Highly Commended

Macquarie Towns Art Society- Highly Commended- 2001

Arndell Anglican College Exhibition- 2001

The Hawkesbury District Agricultural Show-2001-Sold Out

Art of Sydney Awards 2001

The Hawkesbury District Agricultural Show -2000 -Sold Out

Sydney Royal Agricultural Show -1999

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