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  • Pet Portrait, Wall Art , Landscape . How long does it take for a commission Painting to Complete ?"
    A Great question. I use only Artist quality and Archival Materails be it paper,canvas,paint etc. As I work in a range of product (medium) I like to offer my clients (friends) the best I can possibly offer in each and every product I create. Artisit quality is a proffessional industry standard vs Student grade which is less pigmented and often not Archival. I would also note that I try to limit Toxic materails in the process of my work as well as waste. The reason behind this , is so that my work is more enviormentally freindly, after all if I use a Toxic product do you really want it on your walls or in your water supply? Neither do I. I hope this helps . Yes it is Fine Art or Wall Art
  • How long do Commission Pet Portrait Paintings Take?
    Commssion Paintings are unique one of a kind creations and the time it takes to creat them will vary based on the subject and detailed required. There are other elements and complexities that can alter the time it takes. With that said you should allow or plan your commission to take at least four to five weeks prior to commissioning it. At the consultation stage a better idea of time frame will be made available to you. If you require it for a specail occasion, I do attempt to get it to you on time however this can not be guaranted.
  • What is Pastel?
    When you think of Pastels- Think Edgar Degar ! Pastels are perhaps the oldest forms of pigmented paint in history. Used by European Masters before they ventured to oil painting. There are two types of Pastel Soft and Hard. Soft Pastel which I use is a soft, chalky stick with the same intensity of colour as oil paints. This is perhaps the most versitlie of the Pastel Mediums. Hard pastel is much harder and in the hands of an expert can take on some of the features of oil paint.
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