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Preparing for an Fine Art Exhibition with Friends

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Preparing for an exhibition can be an exhilarating , nerve raking experience even if it is a private opening or a large juried show. There is something about the hope that someone will make a positive comments and dare I say it make a purchase #artistworkforsale. Personal validation aside the strength of any person preparing for an event could actually be in how prepared they are. In my studio right now Bella #prettydog is resting from the early mourning wake up call to arms. Frames now filled with painting's #howtoframeapainting labelled and now wrapped in the famous bubble wrap in preparation for stacking my car ( yep loads of fun). With this in mind I thought I'd share a few ways that may help lower the stress and ad to the excitement.

  1. Plan to be Prepared. I know you thought you were but the sticky tape just went missing and now the painting wont fit into a box. I hear you. First thing is plan to be prepared. As artist we are good at visualisation so take time before packing day to sort out and list what the end result should look like and working back from that image may help you to be prepared.

  2. The List of Function. Take a deep breath, think about what you need, bubble wrap, labels, price list, packing tape , business cards, display cards. Now did you remember a pen? Photos of your work? There will always be something so think about it and pack it. "Better to have than to not have" , I like to say.

  3. Prepare a day for Packaging. I better you thought you could come home tonight and simply pack it all up after all it will only take an hour perhaps half that? Personally I have never found this to be true. Something often needs to be addressed at the last minute so making it the packing process will only ad additional stress.

I hope you liked these quick tips to Exhibition Preparation from me #jennibstudios and I hope to see you at the next exhibition.- pet portrait - Wall Art - Landscape

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