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Have the courage to be an Artist

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

A year ago I would not of written this blog, I would not of put myself out on social media and YouTube for the world to see and a website was little more than a concept that rattled around in my brain on the days when I had little to think about. The reason being is that Art is hard! There is no two ways about it. When we create we look inwards as much as we do outwards , constantly questioning decisions , processes and outcomes. So why bother?

For me returning to creating was a natural decision one that I will always do, it will always be about the scale of which I create. When I first started to paint I could not imagine a life with out it, then for a time, I stopped painting. After a hard day at new job I stopped of and purchased some pencils and began to draw. Why? Because it calms me it offers something more and I selfishly craved it. When my Mother in law asked me to create a Pet Portrait , I did.

The first draft was not the best , nor the second , after all my mind had to remember what my hands had not forgotten as I started this Portrait in Pastel. It was instinct that told me this was the way to go and I did. When I finished that picture I sat and I questioned was it good enough, could I do more, will they like it.? It took courage to send that Portrait , to work out how to post it safely , how to handle myself if they didn't like it.

I didn't have much to work with and I was sure that Snoopy would result in a rejection from my Mother in Law. When I received the call from her and her sister expressing their genuine joy I was glad I did. It took faith for me to try, to take that first step , it took encouragement from people I love and respect and finally it took courage to put myself out there and learn how to post on social media , YouTube and create a website and with every step I endeavour to improve my abilities as an Artist.

Combing my Passion and Career is a beautiful thing and all it took was a little Faith and whole lot of Courage!- pet portrait - Wall Art - Landscape

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