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Connecting With Art

As an Artist there many lonely hours in the studio perhaps selfishly transporting myself away from the reality of the world and yet when I do venture out I find I am amazed how as humans we can find many ways in order to not connect yet somehow we find many more ways to connect, be it Love, Music, Laughter and even Art.

If you read my Bio on my website you would learn that for ten years I did not paint, nope not one canvas need worry but did that stop me from creating? No! For me I would draw or rather sketch at every possibility, discovering different ways in order to satisfy that need in me.

As I strolled through the park near my house with Bella in charge I met a school teacher with her two children . Bella loves cuddles and often I find children love to cuddle so it is a win win for everyone.

As we spoke about the beautiful community we share this maths teacher asked me what do I do? Often its difficult to say out loud I am an Artist, as I usually stumble and with words caught in my throat and a nervous twitter to my voice that not only makes me sound incompetent I look it. I have practiced saying "I am an Artist ", with confidence over the last decade or so but it never took, until now.

As I look over my shoulder we are joined by another local, a friend (which makes Bella even more excited) and with what is now a group of adults standing around me I let the words Burst from my lips, "I am an Artist". I will admit the Maths Teacher was taken aback no doubt because of the velocity of my words but then she smiled and whipped out her phone. One of the adult males rolled his eyes as the rest of the group began to talk. Maths teacher has a friend that longs to be an Artist and she shows me their work. I naturally in un-suffocated way show her my photos. Others are drawn in to the conversation very quickly and I realised that many people connect with art in one way or another even Mr "roll your eyes" was straining for a look over my shoulder. lol.

As Bella and I walked back to the studio I discovered a little more about the community and the people that live here but also about myself . I no longer hide away in my studio ignoring the world instead I embrace it and the reason I paint is a very simple one because it touches people in a way I could never express verbally .


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